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Willkommen bei BISON’s world of reliable power solutions, where quality meets performance and innovation drives performance. As a 150kva genset manufacturer, we understand how important uninterruptible power is to your operations. That’s why we proudly introduce our 150 KVA solutions, designed to provide you with powerful and reliable power anytime, anywhere.

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150 kva generatoren

Nutzen Sie die Kraft von BISON’s advanced technology with our 150 KVA genset. Designed for uncompromising performance, our gensets boast.


Hohe Leistung

Provide a powerful 150 kVA power output for a variety of applications. They are ideal for standby power, primary power and additional power during peak periods.

Effizienter Kraftstoffverbrauch

Have an advanced fuel management system that reduces fuel consumption while being efficient. They use less fuel, so you can run longer between refuelling.


Zuverlässiger Motor

150kva gensets have powerful engines, are durable and highly reliable. They can withstand extreme conditions and provide reliable power. With advanced cooling systems, rugged structures and sophisticated engineering design, it can provide more and more reliable power.

Nahtlose Integration

Designed to match existing systems and easy to install. Whether you’re adding a new power source or retrofitting a standby power system, our 150kva genset make the process simple and quick. Easy to use and maintain so you can focus on your business.


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Häufig gestellte Fragen

Häufig gestellte Fragen

A 150 KVA genset can handle an electrical load of up to 150 kilovolt-amperes. Depending on the power factor of the load, this equates to approximately 120 kW of real power.

Routine maintenance includes changing oil and filters, checking coolant, checking the battery and general repairs. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and to arrange for specialised maintenance as required.

150 KVA genset is suitable for various applications, including commercial establishments, industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, telecommunications infrastructure, events and hospitality venues, and remote locations where reliable backup or basic electricity is required.

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Kaufratgeber für 150-kVA-Stromaggregate

Kaufratgeber für 150-kVA-Stromaggregate

In this uncertain world, a reliable source of electricity is essential. Power failures can occur unexpectedly, causing business downtime. Gensets can provide backup power and guarantee uninterrupted service at critical moments.

150 kVA gensets (150 KVA generator set) are an effective solution for those with high power needs. If you are looking to buy one, this guide is for you. We will discuss how to choose the right 150kva genset and the factors to consider before buying. Read on to learn more.


understanding your power needs: is 150 kva right for you?

Before you buy a 150 kVA gensets, you need to make sure that this specification is right for you. It’s a big investment.

calculating your power needs

To ensure you select the optimal genset size, an accurate load calculation is non-negotiable.

Load calculations are used to work out how much power your genset will need to run all your devices at once. Also, to account for power surges from certain appliances. It is important to distinguish between two key power ratings.

  1. Starting Wattage (Peak Load): This refers to the surge in power required to start a motor or appliance with a high initial power demand.

  2. Running Wattage: This represents the power consumed by an appliance during normal operation.

Not accounting for starting wattage can lead to overloading your genset. Your genset is working well, but when the HVAC system starts, it trips because it doesn’t have enough power.

choosing the perfect 150 kva genset: a detailed guide


Diesel fuel is the power source for the genset industry and is known for its reliability, fuel use economy, and wide accessibility. It lasts longer and costs less to fuel. Natural gas is a practical and economical option for locations with convenient pipelines, while propane is ideal for locations with limited fuel supplies due to its excellent storage life. However, it can cost more than diesel or natural gas. Other options, such as biogas and dual fuel, are not as widely used but have their benefits. Biogas contributes to sustainable development, while dual-fuel systems can provide multiple fuel sources.

genset types

Standby gensets will start by themselves when there is a power failure, offering assurance for a residence, company, or essential establishment. Primary gensets are created to operate without interruption as the main power source, and are commonly utilized in isolated areas or for particular industrial purposes. Portable gensets offer the ability to move around easily for either work or leisure purposes.

key features and specifications

  • Voltage Regulation: Voltage changes can damage electronic equipment. Choose a genset with good voltage regulation to ensure stable power.
  • Cooling System: Air-cooled systems are suitable for most applications, while liquid-cooled systems provide better heat dissipation for longer use.
  • Frequency Regulation:Keeping a steady frequency (e.g., 60Hz) is important for smooth equipment. Choose a genset with precise frequency control.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS): Detects power outages and automatically starts the genset.
  • Remote Monitoring: Allows for remote control and performance tracking.
  • Noise Level: Noise levels are an important consideration. Look for models with low dB ratings or buy a soundproof enclosure.
  • Emission Standards: Make sure the genset meets EPA regulations.


Costs depend on fuel type, features, and manufacturer. Installation costs include permits, electrical work, and site preparation. Operating costs include fuel, maintenance, and repairs.



Investing in a genset is important for energy security and peace of mind. By carefully assessing your needs, researching, and consulting with experienced 150 kva genset manufacturers and suppliers, you can confidently choose a genset that will power your world for years to come.

ready to power your world? We’re here to help!

You don’t have to make the right genset choice alone. We connect you with the best 150 kVA genset manufacturers and suppliers. They can answer your questions, advise you, and help you find the perfect genset for your needs.

Don’t wait for a power outage to disrupt your life. Take control of your energy independence. Contact us today to explore the world of 150 kVA genset and find the perfect power partner for your business.


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