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50 kva gensets manufacturers & suppliers

50 KVA gensets manufacturers & suppliers

A 50 KVA genset, short for generator set, is a power generation system designed to provide an electrical power output of 50 kilovolt-amperes (KVA). These genset are commonly used in various applications where a reliable and efficient power source is required, such as construction sites, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, events, and as backup power for residential areas.

As a professional 50 kva genset manufacturer, where innovation in power generation is trusted. As a leader in providing state-of-the-art genset solutions, our gensets focus on efficiency, durability, and performance to meet a wide range of power needs in industrial, commercial, and community settings around the world.

50 Hz-380 V-wassergekühltes Dieselaggregat-6





Wassergekühltes 50-Hz-380-V-Dieselaggregat

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windgekühltes 4-Takt-Dieselaggregat





50 kVA 4-Takt-Dieselaggregat mit beweglicher Leistung

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our 50 kva gensets

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our 50 KVA gensets

Underpowered equipment can result in power shortages during outages, while overpowered equipment can result in unnecessary expense. 50 kVA gensets are a balanced choice that combines power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Leistungsstarker Motor

Our 50 kVA genset is steadily powered by a highly efficient engine. It works well even under heavy loads and prolonged use

Intelligentes Bedienfeld

The control panel is designed for easy use, so you can monitor, operate and maintain the genset. It allows you to react quickly to problems, thus increasing efficiency.

Robuste Konstruktion

gensets are made with the best materials and parts, so they are reliable and durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures, severe vibration and corrosive elements. They can be used continuously without concern for performance or reliability.


Verbesserte Sicherheitsfunktionen

Safety is a top priority, which is why our gensets come with a comprehensive range of safety features, from automatic shutdown mechanisms to overload protection and fault diagnostics, to effectively minimise the risk of accidents or damage.


Our genset is built for maximum fuel efficiency, which will lower your running costs and lessen its impact on the environment. Provide long-term savings and sustainability for your operations.

Kompaktes Design

We 50 kVA genset has a strong performance but a small, space-saving design that makes it simple to install and blend into any setting. Whether you have limited space on site or need a portable power solution, we have you covered.


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As a reliable 50kva genset suppliers, BISON is honored to have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many internationally renowned brands, and their excellent power systems are widely used in our gensets.

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50 kVA genset can serve as an effective standby power source for residential neighborhoods and commercial buildings. It can power appliances, lighting, heating or cooling systems and other essential household items in the event of a power failure.

In the case of open gensets, they can produce noise levels of 85 bis 95 dB or even higher because they do not have any sound insulation or noise reduction devices.

Because the power factor of the genset is 0.8, 50kva is equivalent to 40kw.

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50 kva gensets purchase guide

50 kva gensets purchase guide

Whether you manage a business or live in an area prone to power outages, having a reliable 50 kVA genset is vital!It can keep critical systems running without the use of oversized, more expensive gensets. This means businesses can keep working and avoid losing money. Homeowners can also rely on it to keep appliances and systems running during power outages.

This purchase guide helps you choose a 50 kVA genset. It explains how to choose the right one for your needs.


calculate your power needs

Before investing in a 50 kVA genset, it is critical to accurately determine your power needs. The formula to use is: kW = kVA x power factor (0.8).

Firstly, work out the power consumption of all your appliances. This is stated on the labels of most appliances. However, it is important to consider peak power and continuous power. For example, electric motors consume more power at start-up than during normal operation. Make sure a 50 kVA genset can cope, with some room for future expansion. Finally, analyze which loads are necessary and which are not during a power outage.

Consider the type of electrical load that the genset will be powering. Different loads, such as resistive, inductive, or capacitive, can affect genset performance and require specific considerations, such as voltage and frequency regulation.

factors to consider before purchasing a 50 kVA genset

Vorher purchasing a 50kVA genset, you should fully consider various factors to ensure that it will meet your needs.

types of 50 kVA gensets


Although noisy, diesel gensets are efficient and durable, making them the best choice for heavy-duty applications. However, they are noisy. Petrol gensets are inexpensive and best suited for light, occasional use. However, they have a shorter lifespan and higher fuel consumption. Natural gas gensets are highly efficient and a stable fuel supply can only be obtained by connecting them to a pipeline. They produce fewer emissions but require more maintenance. Propane genset are cleaner and last longer than diesel and gasoline genset. They are more versatile but less efficient.


Three-phase gensets are commonly used in industrial applications where higher power output and efficiency are required. Whereas single phase gensets are typically used in residential applications.


Portable gensets are suitable for temporary or mobile power needs and are easy to relocate. However, they generally have lower power output and fuel efficiency. Standby gensets are fixed in one location, and these are the top choice for providing continuous power to a home or business, offering greater durability and stability.

fuel consumption and performance

Evaluate the genset’s fuel consumption and efficiency under normal operating conditions. A more fuel-efficient gesnet can reduce operating costs in the long term, especially for continuous or repetitive applications.

Einhaltung der Emissionsvorschriften

Confirm that the genset complies with all relevant local emission regulations and standards (EPA, CARB), and of course, the best choices are those equipped with emission control technology to minimise the impact on the environment.



Depending on the operating environmental conditions of the genset, such as ambient temperature, humidity, altitude, and exposure to dust or corrosive elements.Select with appropriate additional features.

sound level requirements

Evaluate the noise level produced by the genset, measured in decibels (dB). And ensure that it complies with local regulations and meets any specific noise restrictions for your application. Select genset with soundproofing features or enclosures for noise-sensitive environments.

installation location and access

Evaluate the space available for the installation, consider ventilation requirements and ensure that it can be easily accessed by staff for maintenance, refuelling and repairs.


Brushless alternators are generally preferred for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Make sure it provides a stable voltage output to protect connected equipment.

Garantie und Support

Review the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and consider the availability of service and support, including spare parts, technical support, and maintenance contracts.

budget and total cost of ownership

Calculate the total cost of ownership over the period of purchase and use, factoring in fuel, maintenance, repairs and any additional accessories and features that should be included. Overall weigh your budget against the performance of the genset.

basic features and technology

  1. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS): Automatically switches between mains and genset power. This ensures seamless power supply.
  2. Remote Monitoring: For easy management and diagnostics.
  3. Safety features: Look for built-in safety mechanisms such as overload protection, warning alarms and automatic shutdown to prevent damage and ensure safe operation.gies


When selecting a 50 kVA genset, it is important to consider all of these key factors to ensure that it meets your specific power needs and operational requirements.

reliable 50kva power solutions for every need

Als Profi 50 kva genset supplier, BISON prioritizes reliability and efficiency in all its power solutions. Investing in one of our 50 KVA gensets gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable, efficient power solution backed by a trusted brand. With BISON, you can rely on our gensets to provide continuous, uninterrupted power, allowing you to focus on your primary business operations without worrying about power outages or disruptions.





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